App Development for Networking

Cast Meet Crew revolutionized the way artists network around the world – bringing all cast and crew in Film, Theatre Fashion, and Music closer together. Unfortunately, they ran into issues early on with the original app development agency and needed help.

The history of this project is still one of our best examples of why it never pays to outsource your app development project. The client had originally hired what they thought was a local Toronto app development agency and everything seemed to be going as planned. About 8 months into the project, the client felt the agency did not have the expertise to finish the mobile application, and contacted codepxl for help.

Our first step was to actually test it out and confirm it worked as expected, since the client had a demo version available. We immediately noticed that the ‘production ready’ mobile app was not even close to being used by the public. Functionality did not work as expected, functionality was missing, and the general User Interface (UI) was basically a crude wireframe without colour or even images. Not a problem though, the User Interface can always be re-designed and applied to a properly architected and developed mobile app… but unfortunately this was not the case either.

Upon a thorough audit of the codebase used to develop the mobile app, we found the previous developers had used a version of xcode (used for native iOS app development) that was over 2 versions old. This meant we could not even load the application in our up to date version of xcode to continue development. This also posed a much more serious problem: the codebase was too old to submit to iTunes for production. It was our sad task to inform the client that they did not have a viable mobile app to promote, and the entire project would need to be started again, using modern code. We also took this opportunity to re-design the User Interface and create a modern, beautiful, easy to use mobile application that would keep users coming back.

Our final product not only achieved all the functionality and design requirements for the project, we also developed an administrator web application to allow the client to send on demand, custom push notifications to app users, manually add/edit/ suspend/delete users, manage subscription packages and access a wealth of reports.