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Custom Inventory Management Systems

Custom Inventory Management Systems

Inventory management systems that go beyond the standard
Insight into all activity for all locations, supply chain inefficiencies, historical data and more.

Inventory management for today's demanding market

Custom inventory management systems can save your business valuable time and money compared to adapting to an out of the box inventory management system. Unlike widely available software as a service system which incur costly monthly fees, our inventory management systems are just like any custom application we develop: completely tailored to your organization and work flow.

The biggest issue we’ve encountered from clients using inventory management systems is that they are too rigid and inflexible to their specific needs. Valuable features are also usually locked into a premium package, which costs your firm even more on a monthly basis to access. We know your business isn’t like a cable company, and you don’t want to be locked into a ‘package’ which delivers little functionality for too much money.

Our custom inventory management systems are architected with expansion and flexibility in mind. Need to connect to an IR scanner? No problem. Need to access the inventory management system from different computers without having to open ports on your router? That’s included. Need to access stock levels, reports and more on the go using your phone or tablet? Just launch the included inventory management app and you’re good to go.

Scan & Track

Scan barcodes using an IR scanner or mobile app.

Custom Reports

Build your own reports to extract data you actually need.

Fully Sync'd

Access data for all locations in a central administrator view.

I need an inventory management system that will

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Every website, every app, every business started with an idea... what's yours?

Contact us today to discuss what you're looking to do, and we'll make your idea come to life, within budget and on time.

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