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WordPress website design is faster and less expensive than custom developed websites. Many people think of WordPress as a blog platform, which it also is, but the potential for what you can use WordPress for today has drastically changed from a simple blog platform to powerful, flexible website solutions.

Why use the WordPress website platform over the many other open source website platforms available? WordPress is one of the most well known open source website content management systems available, and is built from the core to be flexible, search engine friendly and responsive.

Why design your website in WordPress?

WordPress has a wide range of free & paid plugins, which means you will be able to add new functionality to your WordPress website yourself, without having to come back to us to add new functionality or even upgrade your WordPress website to the latest version.

In terms of functionality, WordPress websites do not come ‘bloated’ with a many useless plugins and features that you will never use, which means the base system is fast to load and flexible to expand upon. This makes website development in WordPress fast and efficient. Whether you use a plugin to expand functionality or need a custom function added to your WordPress website, it is easy to work with which means no wasted time trying to code around functionality that doesn’t make sense.

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Pre-designed & custom designs

Have a tight budget? There are thousands of pre-designed themes that can be purchased very cheaply to get your WordPress website up and running within days. Have you found a theme you like but need it customized to match your brand? We do that too.

Need something completely custom designed based 100% on your specifications? No problem, we can custom design your WordPress website so that it’s completely unique and responsive, so it looks perfect on any device like a smart phone, tablet or computer.


Expandable & seo friendly

WordPress websites are the perfect solution for non technical users. With an easy to use administration portal, every function of your WordPress website is a click away. Need to add new pages, new images, change a banner or video or re-arrange your menu? No problem, with the easy to use page builder and drag and drop menu manager, you’ll be able to do all that and more.

How about making your website seo friendly? There are several seo plugins available for free, from yoast to all in one seo, making seo friendly pages has never been easier.

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WordPress has a 60.8% market share in the CMS market

Besides being the most widely-used CMS, WordPress is also the fastest growing. Of the top 10 million websites online, more than 500 sites built each day are powered by WordPress (versus 60-80/day that are built on managed platforms such as Shopify or Squarespace).

Adding to that, WordPress powers 14.7% of the world’s top websites.

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