Smart Watch App Development

Wearable technology (smart watch app development) are becoming more and more popular and are the perfect extension to your mobile app (big brother app) or as a standalone, wearable app that functions independently without the need for a previously developed mobile app for smartphones and/or tablets.

Whether you are looking for a smart watch app for Apple Watch or Android, our smart watch app developers are ready to design and develop the perfect, user friendly smart phone app for your platform. The market for smart watch apps is still very new, now is the perfect time to get ahead of your competitors and launch your smart watch app!

Why smart watch app development?

Smart watch apps are definitely the most personal apps people interact with. Smart watches are extremely popular, from the Apple Watch which dominates over 50% of the market share for wearable technology, to Android based smart watches offered by Samsung, Garmin and others. Unlike a smart phone app, smart watches are never in your pocket and always have your attention.

Which industries would benefit the most from a wearable app? Arguably the most popular industry for smart watch apps is health and fitness, but besides that; pretty much any industry can benefit from developing a wearable app. Does your platform offer alerts? How about time related functionality such as timers? Location tracking? Pretty much any ‘big brother’ mobile app would benefit from a smart watch companion app.

Apple Watch apps

Using WatchKit, your Apple Watch app will be designed and developed to use Apple’s watchOS. This will allow your Apple Watch app to leverage native functionality such as notifications and even Siri. The perfect balance between functionality and beautiful User Interface design.

Android Smart Watch apps

Wear OS for Android is constantly being improved and with the latest collaboration between Google and Samsung, Wear OS will be able to deliver even more functionality than before. We use Android Studio, the same software used to develop native Android mobile apps.

cross platform app developers

Looking for app development?

Need to get an app developed for both iOS and Android? No Problem. App development for each operating system can be expensive if you’re doing them individually. Talk to us today about bundling your app development for all mobile operating systems, to save you the most in costs possible on app development.

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