Custom software development

Looking for an out of the box software solution but none of the options available do exactly what you need it to? Forced to settle using a program that doesn’t make your job easier?

Custom software can increase productivity and cost less in the long run. Simply let us know what you need the software to do, what operation system it needs to be developed for and your current workflow and we’ll architect an application, from scratch, that will surpass your expectations, and most importantly; be an affordable solution that can grow with your company’s needs.

Custom software development done right here in Toronto

Sometimes cloud based applications aren’t powerful enough for what you need, and that’s where custom software development comes in. Most people assume software development is prohibitively expensive and needs to be outsourced to distant lands to make it affordable. That may have been true 30 years ago but not anymore.

custom software toronto

API connected

Custom software doesn’t need to function solely in its own eco system. Our software solutions are architected to integrate with any third party API. This means your custom software application can connect with a CRM platform, inventory management system or pretty much any cloud based application or software that offers a dynamic data feed.

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Windows and/or Mac

Whether you need your custom software application to run on Microsoft windows or Mac osx, our developers are able to develop software for either operating system. Need to expand the functionality by limiting installations by license code? we’re able to do that too.


Take it on the road (or on the couch)

We tend to think differently when it comes to software development. While we understand that custom software will be mainly used in an office environment and on a computer, sometimes you need to access your data elsewhere. So we made our systems iOS and Android app compatible using API connections.

Simply install the mobile app on your tablet, log in and start using select functionality of your custom software from where you left off on your desktop.

Learn more

Drop us a line to let us know what you’re looking to do. we’ll be in touch shortly.