Virtual Reality Designers & 3D Animation

Take your project to the next level with 3D design. Fully immerse your visitors with stunning 3D images, virtual reality and even augmented reality environments. Need an explainer video done with the perfect voiceovers to match the characters? We do that. Need your customers to dive into a stunning environment to experience your services almost like they’re actually there? No problem. With our in house Unity development and 3D designers, you’ll never need to worry what time it is in Timbuktu and what the status of your project is.

Virtual Reality done right (here in Toronto)

Virtual Reality is becoming more popular as supporting technology advances. With so many options now like Google Cardboard, Oculus and PlayStation, you can now take your service and even your marketing to the next level with an immersive virtual reality experience for your customers.

Virtual Reality isn’t only for gaming! While we do offer virtual reality game design and development using the Unity real time development platform, we can leverage the same technologies we use for gaming to design and develop your next online service. Perfect for online classes, real time streaming or on demand, virtual reality can be used for fitness studio classes, yoga classes, real estate agent property walk throughs and so much more.

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3D Design & Animation

Not ready for a full virtual reality experience for your customers? We can help elevate your website, print and online marketing material with custom static 3D design elements. From custom designed characters, cartoons and mascots to full landscape environments, we have the talent and experience designing 3D elements which can be used in static presentations or full length animations with voice overs. We even have experience designing and animating characters for mobile applications, fully synchronized with your reporting system to gauge engagement and interest.

Unity 3D Animation & Virtual Reality

This is where it gets fun! Full virtual reality design and development to immerse your customers in your services. Whether you need a game designed and developed for any virtual reality headset or specifically for Oculus, we have experience in pretty much anything you need done. Perfect for studios who offer in person classes, virtual reality on demand classes and even virtual reality live streaming classes are possible using our tech stacks and selected streaming service providers.

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Augmented Realty (AR) and more

Need to take your virtual reality experience to the next level? Now we’re talking Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented reality allows your users to interact with the virtual reality environment, in real time, like they are really there. Allow users to move objects in real time, in any direction using Unity 3D and Vuforia and much, much more. The only thing limiting your augmented reality project is your imagination.

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