Social media marketing tailored to your organization

The goal of social media marketing is to increase your visibility in ways that were never possible before. With a properly planned and organized social media marketing strategy, your brand and message becomes visible to thousands of people everyday. It can grow your audience and potential market by thousands.

We understand that social media marketing can be confusing… where do you start?

Increase your following and engagement on all social media platforms

We start with a meeting to discuss your goals and determine how to achieve the best return on your social media marketing campaign. We’ll discuss how to bring your message across in an effective manner, how to target relevant audiences that will result in returns and how to leverage other important factors to increase your visibility on the major social media platforms.

We’ll show you how to make your online marketing strategy more efficient and more cost effective.

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Competitor research & analysis

The first place we start is checking out your competition on all major social platforms. This gives us a benchmark to meet and then exceed, while providing insights into what kind of content is receiving the most engagement. We then formulate a custom social media strategy for your organization which includes a 6 month plan, schedule and targets.

Post, analyze, tweak and repeat

We check results on a monthly basis and conduct a deep dive into stats like post engagement and conversion rates, post interaction rates, conversions, increase in followers and more. We target what is generating results and build upon that strategy, while tweaking and adjusting the other campaigns to maximize performance and results.

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It’s all about the conversions

Getting traffic to your social channels is easy enough, but that’s only a third of the battle. How do you engage your target audience and get them to like, follow and share your content? More importantly, how do you convert them into a viable lead or sale? Bundling our social media marketing strategy with our search engine optimization strategy ensures you’re covered on all fronts for online marketing.

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